Anne Beentjes (1985) is a photographer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2014 she graduated from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam as a documentary portrait photographer. Anne has always led a comfortable life, a little bit too comfortable, she would say. Photography is her way out of her comfort zone. Her camera leads her to the unknown; alien places and ‘other’ people that live a different life.

‘The Other’ is always the foundation of her projects. Anne believes that she can create a more universal self by interacting with ‘others’. Her subjects come from different social and cultural groups and by creating something beautiful together there will be more unity. Anne’s photos are a symbolic bridge between her and the rest of the world.

Currently based in Mexico, Anne is focused on a variety of social, documentary projects. She was invited by the French Alliance of Mexico to expose her work about her cleaning lady, Norma, with whom she lived for a week. Recently she won third price with her project 'Anja & Ine' about a transgender couple in the San José International Photography Competition of Uruguay. Her work has been published in The Netherlands as well as in Mexico in different media like the newspaper ‘Het Parool’, travel magazine 'Travesías' and the international platform Vice.  



2018 Seminario de Producción Fotográfica 2018, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico

2014 BA Fotoacademie Amsterdam

2004 BA Media & Culture, University of Amsterdam


Expo & Awards

2017 ‘Norma, caminos sin pavimentar’ solo expo Alianza Francesa de México - CDMX

2017 ‘First Round’ Causalidad Art Project, group expo - CDMX

2017 ‘Noches de Autor’ group expo Casa Q - CDMX

2016: 3rd Price San José International Photography Competition - Uruguay

2016: ’Muestra Apertura Colectiva’ Group expo Galeria 244 - CDMX

2014: ’Loaded’ Group expo graduation Fotoacademie - Amsterdam

2013: ’2nd Round’ Group expo - Amsterdam